You know you’re an adult when you miss trash day and it ruins your entire week.

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No one in my city can be an adult because our trash gets picked up 7 days a week.


TRUTH!!! I fucking missed recycle pick up and so fucking infuriated. Its full, have to wait a whole week to get it picked up to place what i have accumulating now.


We got a second recycle bin to cope with all the cardboard and I haven’t seen my 36 year old husband this happy since our children were born


I missed yard waste last week. I’ve been cleaning up the yard of my house for the laat 4 months, the house itself had been vacant for 10 years so the yard was completely overrun. So missing a day of yard waste was a huge bummer.


Today I picked up all of the dog poop in the back yard. It has been shitty weather for a couple weeks so it was a lot. When I wwent to throw it in the bin, I realized that today was trash day. So now do I not only have all of last weeks trash sitting for another week, i also have a literal bag of shit sitting in there for a week.