Your dog understands more of your native language than a very large portion of the global human population

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So do cats but they won’t admit it cause they’re assholes


I inherited a 14 year old dog that only understood Spanish. For real real though, my wife’s uncle only spoke Spanish. Commands in English didn’t work, only Spanish.


Holy sh*t that’s so true wtf


My dog will get the right item when I tell her get the rope or get the ball. Also she knows up or down as we hike. I take care to say it the same way, & look right at her, not at the item or direction. Australian cattle dogs are smart.


Dog’s don’t understand what you are saying. The actually hear tone and inflection and respond accordingly. Try telling your dog you think he looks like hammered shit in the same voice you use to ask if he wants to go for a walk. His tail will still be wagging.