1 hour of unseen D-DAY Normandy landings raw footage of troop movements, invasion fleet and landings – digitally enhanced (2021) [00:55:36]

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I see a lot of salvage equipment, floating dry docks and the like. Presumably most of that footage is from the days after the initial landings, but very interesting. I hadn’t considered how they would be working to salvage grounded vessels and sunken vehicles so soon after D-day, but it makes sense.


I had a great uncle that made three landings on Omaha Beach on D-Day. I wish I would have met him sooner, we didn’t know about each other until his last six months alive.


What percentage of those guys survived the day?


How do we know this is unseen? Whered u find the film?


My dad landed in one of the first waves on Omaha. Very few of his unit survived.