A vegan diet lead to poorer bone health… BfR study shows differences in bone health. BFR FEDERAL INSTITUTE FOR RISK ASSESSMENT

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I feel like people that would see this as a ‘gotcha!’ moment in favor of being an omnivore probably wouldn’t understand that this is probably more failure by most people in the world to not take nutrition seriously.


Going vegan is no simple task. You need to really dedicate yourself and keep track of your nutrient intake more than ever to get the balance from a limited selection of real food. For the record, I’m a Life’s-too-short vegetarian.


Problem is going vegan doesn’t mean you’re eating healthy. I could live off of beer, soda and Oreos and technically be eating a vegan diet. And I’d say the majority of vegans tend towards this junk food vegan style diet. If you look at people eating a more healthy “whole food plant-based” diet(which can also be considered vegan) instead, they actually have the lowest rate of bone fractures of any nutritional sub-group studied.


All the more reason for lab grown meat and cheese.


I know vegans have some solutions for this like nutritional yeast or something, I’m just curious what are other solutions (foods) that will help into getting “missing” vitamins and minerals… for lack of a better word