A word on shame about losing money

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If you haven’t blown half a portfolio trading are you even alive? No one gets it right all the time. Shit happens and we do better.


Failure and loss is almost a guarantee in investing and one should expect it and most importantly learn from it. To shame people who lose is to turn away (often young) investors who may never want to return.


Right. On. The. Money. đź‘Ź


Right on, bro. You fuck up. You make bad plays. Own it. Learn from it. Wear that shit like a badge. (Coming from someone who bought GME @350 and felt much better after admitting it.) Bottling things up and pretending you’re just the best trader ever and you’ve never made a stupid move…you’re only hurting yourself.


I am a subscriber to WSB and I have noticed that with mistakes, it’s a mindset. I dont Feel shame when I make a mistake. I try to embrace the mistake and learn from it. When it comes to stocks, I am far from being a whale and the poor choices I make now may be painful lessons, but they are still lessons. And, in the grand scheme of things, they are relatively cheap lessons. They are lessons better learned when the cost for them is $500 instead of $50,000. We screw up. It happens. Embrace it. Analyze it. Learn from it. Dont make the same mistake again. Grow as an individual. Shame for a mistake will stop your growth. Tl/dr: embrace your mistakes and be better than the person you were yesterday.