Amanda Gorman Says Security Guard Confronted Her, Saying She Looked ‘Suspicious’

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I’ve literally walked out of my expensive apartment building and had people immediately grab their purse when they see me. At least I’m not a famous poet.


“Excuse me miss, but you are *suspiciously* well put-together and *dubiously* wise beyond your years. You’re under arrest.”


I really can’t believe some of the comments on here, goodness me. “It didn’t happen”, “she’s lying”, “she’s making it up” Wtf is wrong with people? Racism is a pretty real thing, or is all the news just making it up? Isn’t the fact that you don’t believe it even happened in itself evidence of some perception problems?


This reminds me of when Will Smith shot the little girl in the training exercise because she was holding physics textbooks.


… after which security guard received detailed articulate rebuttal in iambic pentameter, leading him/her to reconsider preceding life choices.