AppHarvest deep thoughts. Worth $6 or $100. $APPH and $APPHW

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When I read their document it said they could produce 40 million lbs of tomatoes this year. I’m not American but when you look for the price of a lb of tomatoes that’s 1.9 dollars or so. That’s about 70 mil. My concern. From the limited look I had. They are only doing one crop type. How resistant to disease are tomatoes ? What do they have in place to stop the entire crop becoming unsaleable. I also wasn’t really able to get an idea of the running costs of the farm.


From working in the vertical farming space, AppHarvest is doing a lot of things right so far. They have secured a major offtake partner (Mastronardi – Sunset Brand). Their tech isn’t crazy high tech, just a solid and safe hydroponic greenhouse that does flat tray vertical. They have 2 more greenhouses on the way, and they have a compelling story of revitalizing coal country. The CEO and team have been laser focused on their mission and they have had consistent and loyal backers from their beginning. I don’t know how much they’re really worth in the market, but I see bright things ahead for them. Comparatively, companies like Aerofarms and Plenty are crazy energy inefficient because of their reliance on 100% LED lights. Since they are the only modern farming option in the market right now with big name investors and strong c-suite, I think that gives them a leg up. And indoor hydroponic produce, if done right is way safer and much more consistent and resilient compared to any soil-based farming.


A little off-topic but if you’re into agtech in general have a look at Bee Vectoring Technologies (BEVVF). They use bees to transport ecological phytosanitaires, which is by far more efficient than conventional spraying (>95% loss in spraying). Their product must meet high approvement standards as bees are involved, which means that growth is slowed down by regulations. On top of that they can only scale up on a season to season basis as farmers will only test their service and product on a small part of their land, then more next season, and so on. BVT is mostly in the berry market but is growing into nuts, almonds etc as well. They are also growing into Europe and Morocco via their base in Switzerland. I like them really much, however this is a real long-term play, the short term potential is surely higher in APPH.


I watched this from feb 4th spike and was bummed I missed out under $30 so when it went under $30 I bought in at $29 to watch it drop like a rock. The CEO seems incredibly pumped by the company and they aren’t going away. I will double my stake if it hits under $15 and hold for quite some time.


I’ve thought for nearly 15 years that this would be the future of agriculture, even as I worked on organic permaculture farms. Given the unpredictability of climate change, growing food in controlled environments will be necessary.