ARK comparison to Janus 20

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ARKK and ARKG sitting on a 28% downturn since mid Feb, FML. Performing worse now than during the COVID crash.


Ah yes, JAVLX. The ticker symbol is burned into my brain. Was on the ride up and down.


Ppl pulling out of ARK is actually a very good thing for the fund right now. It all got too big too fast and a major shakedown was needed to truly see if the fund can perform long term. At the end of the day, it’s your money. Do your own diligence and trust it. Don’t be paper handed over every correction.


The component equities of the various ARK funds have a higher beta than those of VOO or QQQ and you would expect ARKK to dip harder than VOO or QQQ during a downturn. If it was plummeting while QQQ was up on the year, one would be worried. If QQQ is taking a shit, ARKK *should* be getting annihilated and you should be buying target date funds if you’re not OK with this.


I have been saying her funds never went through a BEAR CYCLE. The naysayers now get their proof but will not want to accept it. Landis, Tsai Jr who helped Fidelity to be famous, and several others all got burned in a BELL often never recovered. Some funds may slowly recover but it will take several momentums to bring them back. I invest in some of her funds as a side line. The people who put all into her funds and listened to her need to use their judgement what is right for them. They have been quiet recently. Prior they were the happy cheer leaders who oppose any cautionary remarks made by those who actually have been through the difficult times before.