At least 30,000 US organizations including local governments have been hacked in recent days by an “unusually aggressive” Chinese cyber-espionage campaign, according to a computer security specialist

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So when is NATO actually going to stop this? We just keep sitting around and letting them do it.


Hello people who think China is justified in doing this, please leave me comments about how countries like the USA do bad stuff so we shouldn’t be upset about this. Come on, I know you’re here. I take all comers. I’m a whataboutism addict at this point. Give me a hit.


Meanwhile, at /r/GenZeDong…


I’ve always wondered why China or Russia rarely publicize any hacking they have suffered. Their press of course is very controlled, yet making such efforts known can be useful propaganda surely. US and Israel hack Iran all the time after all, so it’s weird to think that we aren’t doing that against China or Russia, whom we consider to be bigger adversaries. In my experience enterprises in China don’t pay nearly as much attention to infosec in terms of awareness or spending. Perhaps American hacks are so advanced as to be undetectable?


According to a computer security specialist