At what point can we start calling the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops what it really is: an anti-vaccine advocacy group?

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An offshoot of NAMBLA.


PaedoCon 2021


There is a catholic organization that pushes creationism and anti-vaccination misinformation called the Kolbe Center. I noticed that the Director of a hospital in my city was on their website as a member of their board so I checked out the website for the hospital. A large hospital in a major American city says on their website there is no vaccine for covid-19.


It’s so weird since it’s not even as if the fetuses were specifically grown and aborted for their cells. The medical waste was just recycled.


Funny, the argument was the opposite when trump was getting the vaccine “since it is so far removed from the fetal cells in the 80s that it came from, it doesn’t count” They will lie to anyone, including themselves, to support their delusion