Biden fires Trump-appointed lawyer who refused to resign

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It’s such a small story, but it makes me smile anyway. Like what did she think would happen? lol And I love the aghast Republicans, clutching pearls, horrified that partisan action takes place. As if their only motivation for breathing since the day Obama was elected hasn’t been 100% partisan action!


I didn’t see republicans raising a stink when trump fired Preet Bharara.


>President Biden on Friday fired Sharon Gustafson, who was appointed by former President Trump as the general counsel of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). >The White House told Gustafson that she was being fired effective 5 p.m. Friday after she refused to resign willingly. >In a letter to the White House released by the Ethics & Public Policy Center, a conservative think tank, **Gustafson said she “respectfully” declined the White House’s request to resign and that she wanted to serve the remainder of her four-year term, which was set to expire in 2023.** Good. Every single one of these enablers, appointees, all of them, OUT!😡👿👿


>Republicans swiftly came out swinging against the firing. Andrea Lucas, a Republican-appointed commissioner to the EEOC, described the firing as a violation of Biden’s calls for unity. From the people who were just fine with this when Trump was doing the firing.


OK, let me try to tell this story in republican language. “Trump’s appointee show complete disregard for unity by trying to cancel Biden request.” How am I doing?