Biggest, fastest known asteroid flyby of 2021 is coming up this month

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Earth’s current ATLAS asteroid detection system only predicts a couple days notice if a rogue city-killer asteroid is detected. Only a few weeks if a rogue country-killer asteroid is detected. ☄️


> according to NASA, there are no known asteroid threats for at least the next 100 years. might as well take this one off the apocalypse bingo card


> Regardless of its size and speed, (231937) 2001 FO32 poses no threat to Earth. When the asteroid passes by on the 21st, its closest approach is more than 2 million kilometres away. That’s over 5 times farther away than the distance the Moon orbits around the Earth. IDK why but I was expecting a much closer ‘flyby’ than this.


At least we’re seeing it coming. Unlike what happened in August last year.


It’s said the asteroid is as large as the Golden State Bridge, now there’s a confusing comparison.