Breaking: US Senate votes to pass 1.9T pandemic relief bill, positive outlook on equities

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I bet gold opens red.


Anything just please save my portfolio it’s been on life support these last two weeks


I made the correct decision in not doing my taxes yet. With the decreased income qualifications, I would not be eligible for a stimulus payment using my estimated 2020 income, but if I let 2019 ride as long as I can, I get stimulus money. If anyone close to not qualifying, do not do your taxes until you get the payment!


just keep on printing yep


It’s a worrisome sign that the only reason markets trend upwards for 12 months straight is artificial governmental stimulus. I might be older than most of the youths interested in speculation and investing on reddit. My investment are fairly boring. Lots of funds, and lots of blue chips. But this market behaviour scares the crap out of me, and you’d be a fool not to be worried IMO, especially in the tech sector. There’s will be a lot of angry bagholders coming soon.