Canada announces $2.75 billion investment in zero-emissions buses and charging infrastructure

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Good for Canada. EVs are good for the lungs of city people.


Remeber folks. Money and by extension debt is a human concept. We made it up. It dosnt need to exsist. Also people fundamentally missunderstand national debt. National debt is not money to be repayed to a shadowy creditor its just a messure of the dilution of a dollar. How much buying power your dollar has and how much money the gov want to print to pay for projects. 2.75 billion in funding for ev busses. Is not 2.75 billion of the giant pile of loonies and toonies the fed keeps under parliment. Its 2.75 billion created put of thin air to pay for the project and now the canadian dollar is worth 2.75 billion less. But this lost value is regained when projects start to pay for themselves. 2.75 billion today will save 5 billion in the next few years in terms of fuel savings maintence and other accumulation costs plus the economic impact of co2 producing vehicles is near imessuable


Alberta: we’re gonna charge those batteries with coal and oil sands.


diesel pollution always seemed gross to me. EV’s should really improve the air quality of cities.


I remember back 30 years ago having smog days in Toronto. While we did need to move out of the city for my son’s asthma, there isn’t half as much smog as there was in the 80s and 90s Every step is a step in the right direction 🙂 Minus our provincial government Ford is an idiot who only looks good because of trump as a comparison