China proposes teaching masculinity to boys as state is alarmed by changing gender roles

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State-enforced heteronormativity


Just let people do what they want. If boys are only masculine if conditioned to do so, then maybe there’s something wrong with our concept of masculinity. If gender behaviour comes from genes, then why are gender roles in China reversing and the solution for that being teaching boys to be masculine? The solution alone proves gender behaviour is learned. Fixing/changing genetics doesn’t involve learning and conditioning.


Republicans would do this if given the chance.


Translated from doublespeak, they’re saying women aren’t being subjugated enough and it threatens the CCP boy’s club.


lmao i am of asian ancestry, and as such I know a lot of older asian guys. lots of them are super narrow-minded and cannot imagine the idea of women being equal to men, and are super passionate about heteronormativity. Well, maybe this isn’t just asian men, it’s older men no matter what their race is