Compared to non-dehumanizers, people who dehumanized Asians and Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic also perceived the virus as less risky to human health, were more likely to be ideologically Conservative and believe in conspiracy theories about the virus.

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Science is doing a great job of proving that an arsehole in one aspect is pretty much an arsehole in *every* aspect, it’s not just confirmation bias. Unfortunately those arseholes still appear to dominate the species.


another day, another oddly specific “conservatives are bad” study in r/science


Beyond political jargon, this is a very convoluted and questionable “study”. Read through the data tables and procedures for data collection.


Wait, so they asked people to rate on a scale from 1 to 8 how “evolved” they thought Asian Americans are… and then used that as a direct measure of dehumanization?? That seems… scientific…


is anyone is tired of all these stupid psychology papers that get posted? all they do is categorize people by their political ideology. there’s practically no science happening here.