Covid-19 death rates 10 times higher in countries where most adults are overweight, report finds

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One of the reasons the UK got hit so hard.


I deliver medical supplies to covid units. The vast majority of patients are obese or elderly.


This is the real reason the US is getting hit so hard. This is also a confirmation of a year-old theory and the reason I finally got serious about my weight control.


Every Friday,the PBS New Hour uses 5 minutes to honor 5 people who died of COVID. Many of the folks featured are older, but when they are young, as in in 20s & 30s, there are very frequently obese.


SARS-COV-2 attaches to the ACE-2 receptors, which are produced by the body to counteract high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the mainstay side effects of obesity. This is also why (most) kids are not (initially) affected by the virus, as they have far less ACE-2 enzyme receptors that the virus can latch on to. (As for my reservations about kids not getting sick; those are not only due to the oddball case every now and then, but mainly due to MIS-C, which seems to be a less than rare occurrence, although more data is needed to gauge the scope)