Credit card borrowing falls to lowest in level in 4 years

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A financial consultant friend of mine told me that at credit card companies they call people who pay off their cards completely at the end of each month “deadbeats”. I try to be a deadbeat as much as possible.


Not too surprising. People are saving all of their stimulus money because there is nowhere to spend it.


That’s awesome. Not a market that we want to exist. Most financing ends up as an added tax on poor people with bad credit


Look I’m as liberal as they come, but yeah I totally saved my checks. Thanks Trump! (said in a sarcastic way like thanks Obama)


Nowhere to spend it and lower income people wouldn’t qualify for a a high credit limit anyways and people who are unemployed have been getting a ton of money so they are just using it to buy food, etc., and not even thinking about using their credit card. No traveling or big purchases…