DD: Upcoming Roblox $RBLX IPO Next Week (March 10th, 2021)

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That’s some very risky risk factors. The fact that they can’t generate a profit with this many supposed users is a huge red flag


It’s still so funny to me that a company with projected 1bn+ rev is valued at 20bn+ when CRSR has a 3bn market cap and 2bn in projected revenue.


Nice write up. Will be interesting to see if this is one of those IPO’s that spike 50-75% on the first day of trading to some bloated valuation. I really want to invest in this but not willing to pay a 50x revenue multiple.


I’ve bought robux for my daughter several times. That’s what she wants. Parents will spend money if their kids are into something. It’s insanely popular. I want to buy this company. My problem is this… how do companies get this big without making any money. If I don’t make money things get bad for me. They have a subscription service which seem to be hot for a high stock price. I may regret it but I’m not buying much if any.


I’m sure it will be the next big short term meme stock. Getting pumped into infinity in the first week.