ELI5: Why do hang overs get worse the older you get?

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The toxins that makes you hungover (acetaldehyde and formaldehyde) stays in you / affects you more because the body gradually loses it´s ability to get rid of it. Another factor to make it worse can be increased alcohol intake with increased tolerance, allowing for higher levels of toxins.


The older you get, the more effort it takes your body to filter out consumed alcohol. The left over toxins causes the feeling of a “hangover”


When you get old enough, your body doesn’t work as good fixing itself. Also you can tolerate more booboos before it really hurts. This added together means it takes more damage to feel pain and the damage you get takes longer to fix. On an non-ELI5 side, there are things you can do to help not make it not as bad: * Drink a shit ton of water before you go to sleep * Take an advil in the morning * Drink better alcohol * Buy reasonable amounts to hard limit yourself * Nothing good comes after 2 AM * start earlier * drink the same amount over a longer period of time * pet your cat until they are annoyed * eat something in the morning (everyone has their own hangover meal) * Build up tolerance slowly * Befriend a genie * keep yourself busy instead of over drinking out of boredom


Alcohol dehydrates you until your liver filters it out. This is why you need to drink water first thing in the morning after drinking. Brain doesn’t do too good if it’s a bit dry… Most of the alcohol is taken care of as you sleep, and whatever hasn’t been filtered causes a little ghost of being drunk. The combination of sleepiness, dehydration, and this tiny amount of alcohol causes the hangover. As you age, your liver isn’t as efficient at filtering your blood as it was when you’re younger, so when you wake up, your body has a little more alcohol than it used to, causing the hangover to feel much worse. Now I got this from some rudimentary research online that didn’t really answer the question, causing me to have to fill in some blanks, so if it’s not completely accurate, sorry.


Depends what you mean by getting older, while it is true that your metabolism slows down with age, it’s not to the extent that you go from no hangover to feeling half dead in a couple of decades or even a lot less. However, there are numerous other factors, especially when combined, that can make it a lot worse. **- Fitness**: if you’re less active, you will have more problems dealing with toxins, the impact will be bigger. Having a sedentary lifestyle does make your body feel a lot older than it actually is. **- Smoking:** if you smoke and this has be going on for several years, it will not only have made you less fit it will also have decreased your overal health. Not to mention smoking are extra toxins, and the longer you have been smoking, the more addicted you are and the more you will be smoking. This is also true for a lot **other drugs.** **- Adaption to alchohol:** when you first start drinking, your receptors are very sensitive to alcohol, which is also part of the reason why you get drunk so quickly, so if you need to consume more to have the same effect, it does come with extra toxins as well. But even if you quit drinking for years you’ll never be as sensitive anymore as in the beginning, so the more you drink, the more alcohol you need to have the same effect, regardless fo habituation and addiction. **- Weight:** If you weigh more than you were younger, you need more alcohol to get to the same effect as well. **- Diet:** If your diet has become richer over the years, which is the case with many people, it will also make your liver work more, and that also means this extra work will be felt when you go a night out. **- Responsibility, sleep deprivation and stress levels:** the older you get the more responsibility you have, work for instance, which also means you will be more tired, yet you’ll sleep less than you’re younger. Stress levels will also change your hormonal balance. All this will make a lot more difficult to bounce back from a late night out. – Last but not least **money**: Don’t underestimate how much more you drink simply because you can afford it. It’s a major difference sharing a bottle with friends, or having to go out on a budget, compared to someone that can afford what he wants in terms of buying drinks, like a working person can. You’ll drink quicker, you’ll drink more , and you’ll drink stronger stuff as well.