F.B.I. Finds Contact Between Proud Boys Member and Trump Associate Before Riot

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I’m glad the FBI is investigating, but we literally have a photo of Roger Stone, a very close Trump associate, with two Proud Boy members who attended the insurrection from earlier in that very day. So, we’ve had proof of contact for weeks now. Edit: the photo on the day of the insurrection is stone with Oath Keepers, not Proud Boys. They are both far-right groups that are represented among those that attacked the capitol. There is also video of Stone with people from the Proud Boys who are thought to have been part of the planning for the insurrection attempt.


And to be clear, when they say “riot” what they are actually referring to is the “treasonous, seditious insurrection against democracy.”


The more I hear about 1/6, the more I think that we’re lucky the government didn’t fall on 1/6.


The contact they need to establish, is the money trail that no doubt happened. I’m pretty sure this insurrection had sponsors. There is more than one reason they felt so comfortable, strolling through the Capitol, that had armed SS, Capitol police and security personnel. Most people would be a little afraid about stopping a bullet. The organic food eating QAnon Sham-man and his cohorts weren’t the only one’s that got to ok and kickbacks/bribes. Some of the police waving them through the security barriers, like Spanish Matadors, probably also received a sudden influx of cash. Follow the money. Always follow the money


Trump is a facist