Facebook reportedly under probe for ‘systemic’ racial bias in hiring and promotions

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Another one of these? Black people make like 13% of the population and are undereducated but the company needs to hire like 20%. Anyone who went to an engineering college knows like 80% of students there are male but the company needs to hire 50 50. Better qualified people get turned down to fill the quota. No wonder america no longer leads like it once did when you sabotage yourselves just so you can pretend you did the right thing.


I hate Facebook as much as the next person, but from the article it looks like the claim is purely based on statistics, not concrete, harmful practices. I don’t think a lawsuit or legal complaint can do anything, except make people feel better. These biases exist, and they are hurting people, but what would the outcome be? A requirement to keep these numbers in this approved range? In the US in particular that outcome won’t work: you can’t base your hiring decision on membership of a protected group (e.g. so you can’t tell that black people can’t work as your salesperson). In turn this means you can’t give “bonus points” for being from a minority group. And if you did, imagine how horrible it would feel for the hired person to only work there because they “needed a black woman”. This by the way is why *diversity hires* are not a thing. The biases come from more subtle signals that are very hard to root out: do they seem nice? What college did they go to? What were their grades? Did anybody refer the candidate? And that’s just scratching the surface. Unless there are standards for proper procedure that can show effectiveness, this will not get better. TL;DR: legal action oversimplifies the issue. Regulatory action may help.


Diversity hiring seems more racist than normal racism. Yall are nuts.


If a company is always trying to push diversity and is super preachy about it and social justice chances are they’re racist af. -cough- Disney -cough-


Facebook is crap. This doesn’t surprise me at all