FedEx plans for an all-electric delivery fleet by 2040

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Who here thinks there will even be able to buy non electric cars in 2040, let alone have them be practical/efficient by then? This is just another example of a company cashing in on “eco wokeness good press” NOW, knowing they don’t have to do ANYTHING for another 20 years. They could go electric in 2 years, buit its cheaper to wait until they are forced to change.


2040? Lol. 2025 is achievable, 2030 is plenty of time, 2040 is “after our competitors do it first, but we want the press now as if we already did it”.


they think we will have a functioning society by then? isn’t climate change supposed to become drastic in the next 7 years?


Oh wow 20 years they move so fast. Amazon will be delivering packages on Mars by then.


You need the infrastructure to support this. Every FedEx building would need charging stations installed, the electrical grid coming into the building would need to be upgraded too. Now what happens when the power goes out, those packages still need to get delivered. So how do you charge 100 trucks all at the same time with no power? They run the building on a generator when the power goes out, but they run at reduced capacity and lighting because the generator is not big enough to power all of the conveyor belts, lights, computers, heating etc. Now add that the expected life span of a FedEx truck is 20 yrs, do you think they are going to replace a brand new 2021 fleet of trucks that cost $65k each any sooner than they actually need to? You can’t just switch to all electric overnight. Not when it absolutely positively has to be there.