Fewer butterflies seen across the warming, drying landscapes of American West. The estimated 1.6% per year decline is consistent with reported declines for other insect groups from other parts of the world. Combined datasets featured information on more than 250 butterfly species

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plant regional wildflowers to attract polinators and milkweed specifically (forget the exact type) to help save the Monarchs.


I remember going out on my front yard in Kansas as a kid and finding so many monarchs. It was so surreal. I haven’t seen a butterfly in years now it feels like.


Im 33 and from California. When I was a kid, I would see so many butterflies, dragon flies, spiders, frogs… I *almost never* see them anymore.


But the stock market is doing great, whilst corporations make billions and have yet to account for externatilites like environment, sociatal, sustainability…. We are definatly heading for a collapse, and the same people who got rich through this selfish exploitative system, are the ones at this very moment getting together at cpac, at world economic forum talking great reset etc. This is unprecedented…


Who here notices the extreme lack of fireflies ? I’m in North Texas for context and they are very rare now.