Filthy Frank: The Perfect Example of Pessimistic Nihilism

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If only I had been introduced to Papa Frank as a young man, I’m certain I would have based my entire life on his teachings.


**Abstract** The philosophy of pessimistic nihilism is explained through Filthy Frank’s character. I know it, it’s a cross over no one asked for, but here you are. The video covers the perspective of a pessimistic nihilist and the example being Papa Franku. The video also covers aspects of Camus’s Absurdism and Nietzsche’s Ubermensch and how they tried to solve the problem of human condition (nihilism).


Filthy Frank reflected attitudes that I felt were already rampant on social media, especially among my peers. Just about everything was “lol I wanna die” and dank memes. Let’s not pretend that pushing the line of comedy is anything new, or that mixing the low brow with the high brow is anything new. Try not to read too deeply into things.


Joji > Schopenhauer


Wow I did not expect to see Joji in this sub lol.