From christians perspective, abortion is unnatural and should be illegal but at the same time, christian god punished cheating wife by making her have an abortion in the bible.

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Doesnt take into account miscarriages either, of which its estimated 40% of pregnancies end up miscarried. Apologies to those who have gone through that as I have. It happens when we do nothing to cause it as humans, no surgeries, potions or poisons but its not really spoken about. Ive heard many see it as a punishment instead, which is just horrendous.


God is fine with abortions, the christians problem is that as the direct representative of God in the household it should be the MAN who decides whether there will be an abortion, women having reproductive control of their own bodies is against God’s plan as those bodies actually belong to their husbands.


C-sections technically are unnatural as well since a woman shouldn’t have all her organs hanging outside of their body.


Can’t abortions be allowed by Christians and then people repent and ask god for forgiveness? By my understanding nothing you do matters according to the bible as long as you repent and accept jesus at the end.


The apologetics I heard is that this potion was supposed to be preventative, like it stopped the pregnancy from happening. This despite the point of it being that the abortion proves the wife cheated.