God didn’t help me get sober

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Like I always say. If I don’t get up, will anything else make me? If I don’t eat, will some magic force make me? Good job, but unless you do it yourself nothing else is going to do it for you, divine or not. Keep going mate


Congratulations on your 8 months, mate.


Congrats on the 8 months! I just got a year sober the other week so I certainly know how you feel. While I didn’t grow up in a religious family, I do attend AA meetings where’s there’s a lot of talk of god and ‘higher power’ and all that shit. In fact I’ve been trying to get sober for the past 10-11 years and while I tried AA meetings before I just couldn’t get behind the god crap, it would always anger me so much But finally this time around, I just decided to let all of that go. It was only hurting myself getting angry at others. It’s very freeing that today I can go to meetings, hear people talk about how god works in their life and I don’t even think twice about it, I’m just happy for them, and whatever keeps them sober then good for them. I used be so annoyed and let it ruin my whole day when someone would say how god created traffic for them bc they prayed for patience or some dumb shit like that Idk where I’m going with this but I understand the frustration. Obviously AA isn’t for everyone so whatever helps someone get and stay sober. My best piece of advice is just to let them think what they want. We obviously aren’t gonna convince them otherwise. Just smile and nod and continue doing what you need to do to stay sober


8 months!! Keep going, day by day. Not saying that you are out of the dark yet, as times might come when you feel you could handle a drink, or the stress may get to you, and you might tell yourself, “I quit before, so I can do it again.” In godspeak, that is satan telling you those lies, and this is what the theists in your life probably have told you. Nah, that would be your weak-ass mind telling yourself those things. But if *you* had the strength to put the bottle down, *your mind* is strong enough to beat those negative thoughts. Good luck, and I am proud of you brother!


Well done! Now all you have to do is not screw up. It’s kind of insulting to have people deny the credit you are due for putting in the effort. It would make just as much sense to blame god for afflicting you with alcohol addiction.