How do competitive eaters have the capacity eat as much as they do? Mainly referencing youtubers .

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This is a 100% true comment… I entered an eating contest at a local bar, ate so much in such a short period I ruptured my stomach. Rushed to the ER, 13 days in the hospital and a hell of a story. They basically has to open me up, scoop all the food out and put me back together. People I tell think I made this up till they see a 8 inch scar down my stomach


Matt Stoney is nuts


It is psychologically jarring to me to watch eating competitions. Everything about is wrong.


You’ll be surprised how much weight the human stomach can hold if fully stretched and the weight lacks volume. There’s a reason competitive hot dog eaters soak the buns in water, it decreases the total volume. I’ve done plenty of eating competitions, here’s my list of tips: -Stretch your stomach with low calorie veggies and liquids. -Marijuana helps massively. -Go into the competition with low blood sugar. -Eat fast and use hyper palatable foods to get you through roadblocks.


It’s easy to stretch your stomach to increase capacity but people do die from getting it wrong. One technique is to drink large volumes of water but this can lead to hyponatremia and death.