Humans evolved to be the water-saving ape – New study suggests humans evolved to run on 30% to 50% less water than our closest primate relatives, enabling our hunter-gatherer ancestors to venture farther from water in search of food, especially in dry, savannah landscapes.

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This also highlights how much of an advantage even fairly simple technology like a water skin confers.


We are more fat than any other primate. We have the ability to utilize fat better than any other primate. Fat is a chain of hydrogen and carbon atoms. In the process of burning fat, we break the bonds between hydrogen and carbon atoms – and in the process we use oxygen from the air we breathe. Hydrogen moves over to the oxygen atoms. And now you have intracellular water. It’s why camels carry huge humps of fat instead of huge humps of water.


Ah, so the constant state of dehydration I allow myself into is an evolutionary advantage and not me being lazy. Excellent


I realize that it’s likely nearly impossible to test wild apes, but the comparison with captive apes concerns me. Zoo diets don’t necessarily match natural ones – mimic at best. I’m curious how that comparison might play out versus wild, free living apes.


Really? Even with the amount we sweat? That’s surprising.