I don’t want an afterlife.

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Not only does it relax one’s morals but it gives them a “get out of jail free” card by simply repenting and asking forgiveness from a non-existent being. If you can get away with evil by deluding your conscience with imaginary consequences then you do anything you like and never worry about suffering. I’d rather live in the here and now and face the consequences of my actions. It just seems more mature. It’s real adulting.


I would like an afterlife it doesn’t ruin the point of life as life doesn’t have one. I would give anything to stay alive for at least another 100 years


I wonder if whoever it was that went through this thread and downvoted every post thought they were doing the work of their god…


Very well said


I agree 100%. I once was told that Japanese people celebrate cherry blossoms in part because the beauty is transitory. My life is temporary and because of that I try to celebrate it and honor it every day with my actions.