I like this quote from Steven hawking, one of the most brilliant minds in human history.

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Three questions 1. What would a world where there was a god look like? 1. What would a world where there is no god look like? 1. Which of those two worlds does our world most closely resemble?


The irony is that if we just spoke in a vernacular rooted in nature then quotes, like that, wouldn’t even exist. Religiosity is a completely artificial second language, that has to be learned, and once learned it invades every aspect of our lives.


This is what I feel. This is what I realized when I came into terms with my religiosity. There is no God and who cares if there is one. All religions push for a all powerful being that can’t even change the weather if you belive in the deity.


Hawking was being generous. The question of who created the universe is itself a logical fallacy of assuming the conclusion that the universe was created by someone.


Me watching Hawking on TV talk about his lack of faith, mom sees me watching this. Her ” I don’t like him” Me “Why?” “He’s creepy” “Why? Because he’s handicapped or because someone with a much greater understanding of space, time and measurable reality doesn’t see any evidence of the afterlife and that makes you uncomfortable?”