I need some advice, my girlfriend just got scammed

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Bank manager here. Yeah she’s screwed. Need to try to cancel the transfer ASAP.


Very common scam. There isn’t really anything she can do. File a police report but it’s unlikely they can or will do anything. Let the bank know you’ve been scammed and you’re working to get the money. Maybe they will take pity on her.


How does me actively have a job and only make $97/month? If it really even worth the effort to work 4 hours per week assuming even minimum wage?


I have Chase, things may be different, but in the past when I’ve paid a business that turned out to be fraudulent their fraud department took over and investigated, I got my money back. Granted this was not using Zelle, but perhaps worth calling the bank and asking for them to delve into this because it was fraudulent.


Dayum this sucks.. just call the police and file a report. The bank might work with you on any bounce fees but most likely that 1k is gone. Unless the bank where she deposited could possibly reverse it if they find fraud