In court filing, ICE says it is effectively ending use of family detention

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Well they also said they weren’t doing it in the first place so I’d wanna see some verification of this.


This wouldn’t be the first time ICE has lied to a court. Plus, their filing includes this bit: >On a separate track, DHS and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have announced that they intend to seek termination of the Flores Settlement through the promulgation of new regulations that, according to the agencies, would adopt the substantive terms of the agreement with certain modifications. Significantly, the proposed regulations would allow DHS to detain families together until immigration proceedings were completed by creating an alternative federal licensing scheme for family residential centers. Fuck ICE


remember, ICE is less than 20 years old. We got on without them before, and we can again. only formed in light of post-911 xenophobia and hyper-nationalism.


I thought the courts decided many years ago that children and adults could not share the same detention facilities. Isn’t that why Obama switched to a catch and release system?


Effectively, so not literally or completely.