India downgraded from ‘free’ to ‘partly free’ in 2020 – US-based research institute voices fear the world’s largest democracy is descending into authoritarianism under Modi

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Fuck around with nationalists, find out about nationalists.


“democracy is descending info authoritarianism” Each passing day this sentence is becoming true for more and more countries around the world…


This is not news to anyone paying even remote attention to India right now.


Yes, talk to members of the Indian Diaspora who aren’t Hindu Brahmins you’d have known about this since he was elected. Modi has been a member of a fascist organization, founded and modelled after fascist movements in 1930’s Europe, called the RSS. This group organized a pogrom in Gujarat that targeted Muslims. Muslims are too Modi and the RSS what Jews were to Nazis. We know this because the founded of the RSS stated thats how they saw Muslims. India is going to become far worse before it gets better.


It’s truly amazing as we have so much more access to information that humans by and large around the world are saying “ya know what, this authoritarian nationalistic stuff sounds awesome!” It’s just really scary