Israel demolishes house of disabled Palestinian

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The saddest thing about this to me, is the perpetrators are people of a country that was born out of such a horrible event. You’d think something like the Holocaust and centuries of being stateless and discriminated against would make them feel some kind of empathy towards the Palestinians.


Israelis : WeLl, He Shouldn’t Build WithOUt PerMIssion Also Israel : Denies 98 % building permits in zone C


I find it morbidly hilarious that people responsible were recieving the very same treatment less than a 100 years ago. And if you point it out to them, you will be quickly branded as an anti-Semit. Noice


What bad luck these people had to be born under these conditions, knowing that because the country is unconditionally backed by the most powerful nation in the world, they will never have the chance to pursue happiness that non-stateless people like us take for granted.