Japan orders record 6,000 tons of Taiwan pineapples | Taiwan News | 2021/03/04

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Can we please call these times “The Pineapple Wars”?


Japan: We’d like 6,000 tons of your pineapples. Taiwan: To support the industry after the import ban? Japan, looking at smoothie machine: What’s this about an import ban?


Present prices are ~$600USD per tonne for Malaysian so that’s a bit over three and a half million dollars unless there is a big difference. Not trivial but not exactly earth shattering in terms of international trade. Taiwan consumes the vast majority of their own pineapples, which is a damned shame because if they could export them to Canada I’d pay twice what I do for the crappy pineapples we get! Hell, I think a few Tiki bars could probably get on board with a TW theme if they can get them here.


And who supplies the pens?


> Japanese netizens also spoke out in support of Taiwan pineapples with comments such as: “The CCP’s ban on Taiwan pineapples just proves that Taiwan pineapples are of good quality. If the CCP doesn’t buy them, we Japanese will buy them. I bought some immediately and am eating them.” Burnnn, 10 points to Japan!