‘Kill them’: Duterte wants to ‘finish off’ communist rebels

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This guy is a psychopath. Abolish Duterte.


6 Mar 2021 >Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the military and police forces to “finish off” and “kill” all communist rebels in the country, prompting fears that it could unleash a new wave of bloodshed similar to his deadly war on drugs. >“I’ve told the military and the police, that if they find themselves in an armed encounter with the communist rebels, kill them, make sure you really kill them, and finish them off if they are alive,” Duterte said on Friday, as he addressed a government meeting aimed at countering communism. >“Just make sure to return their bodies to their respective families.” >“Forget about human rights. That’s my order. I’m willing to go to jail, that’s not a problem,” the president added, speaking in his native Visayan language commonly used in the southern island of Mindanao, where the meeting was held. >..


> “Just make sure to return their bodies to their respective families.” Kill them all but make sure to return the bodies. After all, we aren’t savages now.


This clown really does only have one tool in his toolbox doesn’t he?


It seems that most redditors think that these communist rebels are law abiding citizens who do not harm, pillage, extort villages. But I guess that’s just how it is if you live in a first world country, shielded from the reality of it all.