Kyrsten Sinema Knocked by Ohio Democrat Nina Turner: ‘Denying Women a Living Wage Is Sexist’

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I brought up a 15.00 min wage to a coworker. They said ‘oh god no’. I asked him how often a person being paid 15.00 would say go to the movies. Right now after taxes, min wage will bring home maybe 6.70 an hour depending on state taxes. That’s 13,380.00 a year. You can’t buy health insurance and afford to live on your own. Going to the movies with a date and buying popcorn (1 large) and 2 medium drinks. Let’s say 15.00 for that and 10.00 for each movie ticket. – 35.00. You would have to work just shy of 5 hours to do this. Add in gas and fuel and it definitely would be 5 hours just to take someone to the movies. Make that 15.00 an hour and you would be looking at more taxes more purchasing power the ability to buy a home if 2 people working. The ability to opt-in on insurance. Pay for a car and insurance on that. The list goes on. It would near double the pay rate for people making minimum wage. **Bring people out of poverty.** Buying internet service etc. This isn’t socialism it’s economics.


Centrists: “Essential workers are heroes!” Essential Workers: “Pay us more” Centrists: “lol no.”


Sinema has Big Karen energy


If Dems are able to pick up a seat or 2 in the Senate in 2022, I can see a legit primary challenge to Sinema in 2024. All she’s doing is pissing literally *everybody* off..republicans don’t like her because she’s a democrat, moderate democrats don’t like her misplaced grandstanding, and progressive democrats don’t like her conservative leanings. And if AZ continues turning more blue it’ll just get easier to replace her


Sinema is the kind of person who giggles while describing her Senate role as “kewlies”