LPT: If you have a bad experience at a hotel, calmly and politely explaining the situation to a manager will get you a lot more of a discount than throwing a fit or threatening a negative review.

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I showed up at a hotel with a very crowded lobby, scribbled on the usual paperwork, and got my keycard. Went up and took one look at the room and nope (I’ll get there). Went back down, went through the line rather than trying to cut it, and smiled at the clerk. “May I please have a new room? There’s a problem with the bed.” “What’s wrong with your bed, sir?” “There are people in it, and you might want to give them a call after we’re done here.” Apologies, instant upgrade.


I have found over the years that if I have a complaint talking it over with someone in authority in a calm, reasonable manner is so much more effective. Generally, the employee either did not mean to do it or has a history with management. Either way know not being a jerk is a Pro move.


I mean, this advice works in most scenarios. Not just hotels.


Yep. You catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar!