LPT: If you would like to get in contact with someone you havent talked to in a while, call them when going for a walk.

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I had a friend who would call whenever she was waiting for a flight, or on the road, etc. – essentially she called when she had nothing better to do. Whenever I would call her, it went to voicemail. I stopped taking her calls.


I wish I could call anyone I know to come walk with me but during these covid times (?) it can be risky. I really miss that feeling though, thanks for reminding!


I do this on every long drive. Perfect time to catch up


I heard a podcast about a guy with a really extensive and rewarding social network. His tip was, whenever you are thinking about someone, call them. Leave a message to let them know that were thinking of them. Of course, that assumes that you want an extensive network because it takes time.