LPT: If you’re ever unsure about the usage of ‘I’ or ‘me’ when referring to you and someone else, think “would this sentence make sense without the other person?” If it does, then you’re using it correctly. Eg “Jamie and I went to the shops” or “why are you speaking to Jamie and me like that?”

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If Jamie isn’t there does life even matter anymore??


Don’t forget “myself”.


But… Both those sentences make sense without the other person… Jamie went to the shops. Why are you speaking to Jamie like that? Or is it referring to the speaker? Taking Jamie away from the sentence. I went to the shops. Why are you speaking to I that way. I think I just asked, then explained to myself the answer…


Reddit is full of people who think they grammatically correct for always using “someone and I” no matter what. Examples on reddit: “my wife and I’s honeymoon” “between my friend and I”