LPT: When you are a Freshman in High School, call an admissions counselor for your dream University and ask them for advice on how to get admitted. They will usually gladly tell you how to prepare, and what needs to be done.

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Yes… when youare 14, go ahead and decide what you’ll do for the rest of you life… When you are freshly stamped from middle school…. How many 13 year old kids do you think are in this subreddit lmaoooo


I’m 35 and just paid my student loans off this year. Make sure u know wtf u actually want to do.


Stay in touch with them too. It is much harder for them not to admit you if you have done what this person suggested and met their benchmarks. Works for jobs you would like to have in the future as well. Tell the owner or ceo what job you would like to have in the future with them and ask them how to make that happen and what they are looking for in a hire for that position.


It’s not like it’s some massive secret formula. -First step, be extraordinarily wealthy. If you don’t meet this criteria, then… -First step, be average to above average and have a parent who went there. If you don’t have that, then meet all of the following… 1. Great test scores 2. Great grades and class rank 3. Extracurriculars, have one you’ve given a lot of time to and some sort of leadership/accomplishment. 4. Some service thing (this could be your extracurricular). 5. Have a couple adults you’ve interacted with enough in a positive way who can write letters of recommendation. Note, this is if your dream is a more selective private university. There are plenty of good state universities where just test scores will shoo you in with scholarships