Megathread: Senate Passed $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill

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From The Root’s article: >But this might be the best part: Once the reading of the legislation was complete, the Senate would normally have 20 hours to debate on the bill to pass it by the end of the week. >After the all-night reading, Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen proposed that the debate time on Friday be shortened from 20 hours to three and because no one, not even dumbass Ron Johnson was around to contest the proposal, the bill reading slowed down nothing. Fuck you, Ron!


Senate voted 50-49 to pass President Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief package. Every Democrat voted YES, every Republican voted NO. The one absence in the Covid relief vote is Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), who left town for a family emergency, per his office. It includes: * $1,400 stimulus checks * $300-a-week jobless benefits * Child allowance up to $3,600 * $350 billion state/local aid * $34 billion for ACA subsidies * $14 billion vaccine distribution * 100% COBRA subsidies


Not a single Republican voted for pandemic aid to the people of this country. They can give whatever bullshit justifications they want but the bottom line is every single one of them said “fuck you” to the millions damaged by COVID-19. And if we hadn’t flipped both Georgia seats the Senate would’ve never even voted on a stimulus. The modern Republican party is a dangerous and regressive entity and they’ve shown that once again


Thank you Georgia and Stacy Abrams.


Perfect? not at all. Very good? 100% Imagine being a Republican Senator and having to explain to your voters that you voted against this simply because it was put forth by Democrats.