Mother passed away and I’m not sure what to do

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Do not pay her bills with your money, no matter what anyone says…only with her money.


I am sorry for your loss. Notify all of the companies and creditors that you receive mail from that she has passed away. They will know how to proceed from there. Notify her bank and any life insurance companies that she has passed away – she may have had a POD (payable on death) arrangement that would transfer you or someone else the money when she passed. There will be a lot to sort through. If your mom had money put away or other assets I would recommend finding an affordable estate attorney to handle everything for you. It will cost money but likely be worth it with everything you’re dealing with right now.


Not sure about the finance but just wanted to say how deeply sorry I am for your loss. Sending you well wishes during this difficult time.


Did she have a will? If yes, who is the executor (=personal representative) of her estate? If no, and there is no one else who could be the executor, you will need to ask at your mother’s local probate court to be made executor of her estate. The executor can pay your mother’s bills using your mother’s money. The executor is entitled to be paid for the work.


Many companies will erase loans and credit card debt when the borrower dies. CALL THEM