My Dad got a job offer, but it sounds sketchy to me

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Did your Dad fill out any paperwork using his SSN on the “HR” paperwork?


My heart goes out to everyone being scammed with work from home jobs right now. I know what it’s like to lose your job and look furiously for a new opportunity and to feel more and more desperate as the months wear on. To get so close — an interview! An offer! — only to learn that it’s fake just adds mud upon the cake. I’m sorry for your dad, but at least he wasn’t scammed because you recognized the signs.


I’m glad you asked for help. Better to break his heart now, than for him to get screwed over later.


This is a reshipping mule scam, sorry. They prey on people desperate for work to launder stolen goods. More often than not, stealing from you, and possibly your identity, in the process.


It’s a scam. Pure and simple. A friend of mine told me a story about how a reshipper sent a watch to Canada and it turned out to be stolen (well, bought with a fraud check). The police were all over the reshipper and close to charging him. Except Canadian customs knew about the actual fraudster, who was based in Canada, so the charges didnt go ahead. But bottom line, there is no legit way to make money reshipping parcels from your home.