New Zealand to outlaw conversion therapy practices

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This is a big victory for the people of New Zealand. Conversion therapy is cruel, insane and just plain doesn’t work.


The government ran their campaign with a promise to do this but earlier they said they wouldn’t do it, citing religious freedoms. It took thousands of people going “what the fuck jacinda” for the government to turn around and do what they said they would. The credit for this move must go to the Green Party, not Labour.


I want to be happy about this… But I cant help be pissed off that these “therapies” still exist at all


Inb4 that one guy that tells us why it’s NOT UPLIFTING😡😡


NZ govt said “there are more important things to worry about right now, so we’re not going to ban conversion therapy”. It took 500k (10th population) signing a petition a few weeks ago for the govt to say “ok fine”