On a $15 Minimum Wage, Bernie Was on the Right Side of History — Eight Democrats joined with Republicans yesterday to prevent Bernie Sanders from moving to add a $15 minimum wage to the COVID relief bill. History will not absolve them.

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History will probably forget them, if we are being honest.


Bernie is consistently on the right side of history My man has flaws, but clarity in DC ain’t one of them


Just remember: When we demanded a livable wage for those people working the basic jobs that keep our society functioning, the majority of our leaders looked us in the eye and insisted that what we were asking for was socialism. The majority of our leaders don’t believe the workers have *earned* the right to live comfortably. And, fun fact? *They will never believe those workers have earned it.*


History won’t give a shit. We’ll move on to the next celebrity nonsense and ignore the fact that the people who are supposed to represent us only give a fuck about rich people and their own power.


Forget all this nonsense. Someone needs to make a law making the minimum wage rise with inflation, just like Social Security, Unemployment and all other “income” laws. Not raised since 2009, just highlights the failure of Congress to care for the people.