Opinion: If you’re upset about Hunter Biden, Elaine Chao should send you into fits of rage

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Except Hunter didn’t actually do anything in office… Elaine did… Not even close.


That requires them to actually care about that. They didn’t care about Hunter Biden, they just wanted to stop Biden by any means necessary. Remember the “immigrant caravan”? Yeah, that’s all that was.


I never heard people who criticize Hunter also criticize Ivanka and Jared…


Does she have an “R” to her name? As long as she helps the billionaires keep their billions and she keeps destroying the country, I’m not concerned.


Why would I be upset about Hunter Biden? He’s a private citizen who has done nothing wrong as far as we know. Chao was a public servant, and there’s evidence she misused public funds to enrich herself. So what’s the comparison?