Owls are a major security flaw in the Harry Potter world, all you have to do is write a letter to whoever you’re looking for and follow the owl.

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They need owl encryption


JKR came up with a solution to this plot hole, apparently you can cast spells on yourself so that you can’t be discovered by owls, or can only be found by some owls. That’s how Sirius managed to receive letters from Hedwig when he was in hiding in GoF.


Even worse: wanna assassinate someone? Charm a grenade with the appropriate ward to trigger the fuse, owl it to them. When they receive it, BAM! Wizards would have no idea of what to do with an iron sphere with a handle that’s clearly popped off. They have a ‘muggle studies’ class that doesn’t even get the basics of science right – a grenade would be completely foreign to most of the wizarding world. Edit: Go big an take out all of the government of magical Britain with like 20-50 of these. I mean, they keep a dungeon where they torture you via sucking your soul out / siphoning any will to live. Kinda an evil society if you ask me. Also, I don’t take credit for this idea – read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality if you wanna really see what one could do with magic if you put your brain to it. There’s so many iterations of things one could do and the book barely scratches the surface…but some of the ideas there are pretty brilliant.


When you start thinking about the magic in Harry Potter for more than five minutes, it’s a shock the entire Wizarding world hasn’t collapsed on itself from widespread abuse.


Harry potter and the methods of rationality addressed this well, with Harry saying his first step in a wizarding war would be to owl all of his political and military opponents hand grenades. It’d be interesting to watch a wizarding-muggle war, with the muggles using drones to track owls and follow up with sniper attacks and airstrikes, but the wizards catch on and start using decoy owls or learning to embed their communications in the regular postal service, which is probably as efficient as owl these days over distance.