Parents of 112 children separated at US-Mexico border contacted, court hears | US immigration

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> Government agencies did not have systems to track or reunite separated families when they were taking children from their parents at the border and reunification efforts have depended on information that can be outdated or incomplete. And somehow people will still argue that the kids were only separated to ensure that their parents were actually their parents and not human traffickers.


I can only hope that this process receives all the resources to make this endeavor succeed. Otherwise, we will have an entire generation of very distressed children and no one knows how that will manifest itself in the future. This entire process makes most in the US very sad, not angry like the “mob”.


I thought one couple had 112 kids and tried to bring them all into the us


I take it this is part of “Biden’s disastrous first month” as per tRump.


Steve fucking miller aka himmier